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Direct Thermal

There are other coatings that have particular impact on various roll applications. These are known as “active” coatings. The most common is known as “thermal.”
Direct thermal is a specialty form of ribbonless technology. It utilizes a heat-sensitive coating that, when brought in contact with a thermal printhead generates a deep black or in some cases a color image.
Thermal printers and papers come in a variety of heat sensitivities designed for specific applications.
  • Few moving parts in the printer minimizes trouble issues.
  • No variation of image from beginning to end of roll.
  • Maintenance cost and cost of replacement printheads low.
  • Maintenance time minimized.
  • Will perform in any climate or atmosphere conditions as long as paper is enclosed.
How to store thermal papers safely:
Avoid direct sunlight. Most papers tend to yellow in direct sunlight. Thermal especially so. The printed image also tends to fade when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods. Thermal paper images also tend to fade when left exposed to conventional fluorescent light for extended periods. To keep the image intact, file as soon as reasonably possible.
Avoid hot or humid environments for long-term storage. Although thermal can be used in hot and/or humid environments, it is best to store imaged papers at temperatures lower than 80° F and a relative humidity lower than 65%.
Avoid contact with solvents or solvent-type adhesives. If you operate in an environment where solvents, especially organic, or solvent-based adhesives such as acetone, alcohols, ethanol, methyl acetate, turpentine, ketones, esters, etc. are used, be careful in handling thermal media. These substances can cause color formation and damage to image.
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