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Bond Paper

Some roll applications use a form of what is known as “bond” papers. Bond papers used in printers with ribbons are called “form bond” or “tablet” depending on the finish of the sheet.

Bond papers require the use of some sort of impact system to apply ink to the paper. Most common are ribbons where ink is applied to a strip of fabric or film, which is spooled onto a reel or into a cartridge. The ink is actually transferred to the paper in the printer by means of an impact process using keys or small needles hitting the ribbon to the point of touching the paper.

Print colors are limited to the colors pre-inked onto the ribbon, most commonly black, black & red, or purple.

  • Inexpensive supplies
  • Capable of simple graphics.
  • Shelf life of paper maximized.
  • Technology less expensive up front
  • Image life expanded.
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