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Measuring Rolls

The important measurements of a paper roll are noted below. Measuring your rolls will assure you determine the correct roll for your printer, and avoid incorrect ordering.

1. Measure Roll Width
  • The width of the roll is measured going straight across the face of the paper.
  • When looking at the paper receipt, measure across the top edge from left to right.


Measure Paper Roll Width
2. Measure Roll Diameter
  • When measuring the diameter of the roll, you must measure from edge to edge; going straight across the center of the core.
Measure Paper Roll Diameter
3. Measure Core Diameters
  • For machines that include a mounting spindle, the paper roll core must be large enough to fit your machine.
  • Inside Core (Core I.D.) – Measure straight across the inside edges of the core.
  • Outside Core (Core O.D) – Measure straight across the outside edges of the core.
Measure Paper Roll Core Diameter

If you have run out of paper and can’t measure your roll diameter, give us a call at 800-233-0222 and we will help you work out which roll you need. Please have your printer name and model details when you call.

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