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Transform 2025

As a follow-up to being selected among the 1000 Solution Solar Impulse Foundation Labels, MAX International continues the commitment with its Transform 2025 initiative. Transform 2025 has been evolving over the past decade as MAX International continued to seek opportunities to reduce the use of non-recyclable materials in manufacturing, packaging, and even throughout the materials used in plant operations. Working with all of our vendors who supply material from the kitchen/break room to plant maintenance and through the supply chain for our product manufacturing, we stress the importance of eliminating single-use plastics, non-biodegradable chemical agents, and wasteful packaging material. We are proud to announce through our R&D efforts that we now have a completely recyclable material solution for many of our standard product lines, including cores, packaging, and the use of paper tape on that packaging. Call today to see how you can join us in the effort to reduce wasteful and toxic microplastics!

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