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MAXStick® Liner-free Labels and The Solar Impulse Foundation

Five years ago, Bertrand Piccard concluded his record-breaking flight around the world in a solar-powered airplane. The performance demonstrated what clean technologies can do and triggered the creation of the Solar Impulse Foundation and Solar Impulse Foundation Labels to accelerate the wide adoption of clean technologies.

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is the only evaluation available today that certifies the economic profitability of products and processes that protect the environment in the fields of water, energy, mobility, infrastructure, industry and agriculture. While most other labelling schemes provide consumer-facing guarantees, the SIF Label provides a more holistic approach that aims at bridging environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. It is awarded following a rigorous evaluation process carried out by a pool of independent experts and based on verified standards covering the three main themes of feasibility, environmental impact and profitability. This process is based on charters drafted in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact and its principles and is audited by an external party (EY) in accordance with ISAE 3000. The Label is recognized and endorsed by public authorities, industry experts, and financial partners across all industries. 

On Tuesday April 13th, 2021, the Solar Impulse Foundation celebrated reaching the 1000 Solutions milestone that results from a combined effort between the Foundation’s Team and all the Innovators, Experts, Partners, Investors, and Seekers. As one of the Solar Impulse Foundation Solutions, MAX International and MAXStick are proud to be among innovators, experts, scientists, financiers, business leaders, politicians, and we want to show the exciting side of the ecological transition that creates jobs and offers new industrial opportunities.

We are optimistic. Since the success of the first solar-powered round-the-world flight, the Solar Impulse Foundation, its experts and partners have identified, assessed and labelled 1,000 technological solutions capable of protecting the environment in a financially profitable way. These solutions are clean, efficient, cost-effective… and available today. They reduce the environmental impact of construction and mobility, industry and agriculture, water and energy consumption, while ensuring economic development and social prosperity for all. Not in a century, nor a decade, but today.

Climate policy is a story of false promises and resistance to change by those who still believe they must choose between ecology and economy. Too many governments and companies are announcing carbon neutrality targets for 2050 without having the concrete solutions to achieve them. As part of the 1,000 Solutions, we will change that.

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The aim of the Solar Impulse Foundation is to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free and sustainable economy, and MAX International is proud to have been chosen to be part of that transition out of more than 100,000 applicants.

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